Take 5 mins & Start Your Day With Inspiration, Purpose & Gratitude!


Download my Heart Freedom Meditation. I will walk you through a yummy 5 min meditation that will help you get centred in your heart.

Get immediate relief from stress and unsetting emotions so you can enjoy living inspired, happy and grateful.

Does This Sound Like You? 

      • You feel un-centred and stressed in your daily life

      • You feel stuck in a cycle of self-criticism or are overwhelmed with the weight of worry.

      • You've tried many different remedies for your pain and suffering
  • You want a way to feel more calm in your day
  • Your challenges feel overwhelming and you don’t feel supported

  • You spend your days running around with no clear purpose and feeling like there should be more to life

Experience True Happiness

The only way we can experience true happiness is through living connected with our heart. And the only ‘things’ that live in the heart are love, gratitude, inspiration and wisdom.

Stop Feeling Stressed

Spend 5 min getting recentred and focused on loving you. 


Get Confident Again

Increase your self-confidence to achieve even greater accomplishments.

Reclaim Your Worth

Know what is right for you.Feel more calm & happy connected to your heart

About Me: Dr. Lise Janelle
Relationship & Empowerment Coach,
Author & Speaker

For the past 30 years, I’ve helped thousands of people of all ages, shapes, sizes and social-economic backgrounds to find true happiness, contentment, peace and love in their lives. 

My heart-centered transformational approach has been featured on several major TV networks and lifestyle magazines and received countless praise from people looking to find more happiness in their lives. 


  • Soul Worthy Love Soul Worthy Love Online Program - Gold Package CAD 2,497.00 (+ 13% HST / GST)

    “"Lise is literally magical, she’s a great presenter, she’s a fabulous coach. She has a technology that is so amazing in terms of breaking through the blocks that we don’t even know we have. She helped me break through some of those subconscious beliefs that were holding me back from my goals. Dr Lise can actually help you move through that better than anyone I know on the planet."”


    Chicken Soup for the Soul series, author of The Success Principles

  • Soul Worthy Love Soul Worthy Love Online Program - Gold Package CAD 2,497.00 (+ 13% HST / GST)

    “"I'm 48, and there's a judgment, "I'm not with somebody yet, oh my god, what's wrong." As I navigated through the program and started doing my inner work, the judgment stopped. Then I'm like, "wow, I think we're actually peeling away at this" Once I tore away those preconceived expectations of how I should be, and they should be, it was so much easier! I would have never met my fiance with all the BS I had in my head."”

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    Group Coaching Client

  • Centre for Heart Living

    “"The healing ability of Lise and her work gave me so much confidence in myself. It’s amazing that in less than an hour she was able to help me start dissolving some huge blocks that I had in myself. Things I’ve held onto from the past that were sabotaging me now. I felt like a weight was taken off my heart. I woke up the next day feeling fresh, renewed, confident and this is what Lise has given me. Amazing!"”


    Celebrity Argentinian Motivation Coach & Author of Seeds For Confidence

  • Centre for Heart Living

    “"I was online dating & was always disappointed. I was so frustrated and thought something was wrong with me. Once I started working with Lise, it was like a light bulb moment! I was able to let go of the blocks that I had to love and stop putting unrealistic expectations on my relationships. I went back online dating again and it was a whole different ball game! I found the man of my dreams and 8 years later we're still going strong!"”

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    Private Coaching Client